Andrea Papaleo

I am a front-end engineer with backgrounds in scientific computing, physics, and engineering. I enjoy research and finding the best ways to effectively communicate ideas and information. Experienced in front-end code, back-end code, and data analysis & visualization.

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Web Developer

Binghamton University

Oct 2021 - Current

Maintain and expand design system and its components to provide a natural flow of information. Update and expand documentation contents to ensure easy onboarding onto the Spiedie HPC Cluster. Conduct user feedback surveys on a 100+ person cohort to improve documentation usability.

  • Work with legacy code to redesign the SpiedieDocs website; using HTML, CSS, JS, Jekyll, Liquid, and GitHub Pages to improve UI.
  • Levy working knowledge of submitting workloads using the Slurm workload management system using the Spiedie cluster to expand on the documentation.

Software Engineer

Focused Financing

Jan 2018 - Current

Design, develop and maintain the landing pages for Focused Financing and it's sister companies. Scrape and compile data from public record (DandB, NYS Unified Court System, and ZoomInfo) for lead generation.

  • Built mock designs and wireframes for landing pages of multiple product concepts using Figma.
  • Developed functional UI/UX with the React.js javascript library, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Led migration of back-end from PHP to Node.js and Express.js. Built out Node API for content delivery and form submissions.
  • Use Python with BeautifulSoup to parse HTML data and Selenium to navigate through webpages. Data gathered was then organized using Pandas and exported to Excel/CSV files for lead generation.

Graduate Research Assistent

Binghamton University

May 2017 - Current

I use massively-parallel molecular dynamics software (LAMMPS) to study nucleation and growth kinetics in tin systems. Write Python scripts to employ custom methods for the compilation and analysis of simulated solder growth data. Present research monthly to selective panels at partner semiconductor manufacturers, such as IBM and Intel.

  • Use (LAMMPS), which is written in C++ and compiled on both personal computers as well as the Binghamton University high-performance computing cluster.
  • Submitted batch jobs via Bash scripts on the computing cluster, which uses the Simple Linux Utility Resource Management (SLURM) system for resource management and job scheduling.
  • Designed and built visualizations and analytics for easily understandable presentations to selective panels at partner semiconductor manufacturers, IBM and Intel.


PhD Materials Science & Engineering

Binghamton University

May 2017 -


  • Computational study of tin growth from the melt.
  • Presented research at the Semiconductor Research Corporation Consortium and the Materials Science & Technology Conference
  • Collaborate with Intel and IBM on research

BS Engineering Physics

Binghamton University

May 2015 -


  • Worked in two research labs; The Cotts Lab develops and improves upon Pb-free solders for microelectronic interconnects, and the Yong Lab studying nanoparticle-mediated evaporation at liquid–vapor interfaces
  • Audited classes teaching computing for high performance clusters and automata theory with formal logic.
  • Volunteered at the Humane Society through the Binghamton University Center for Civic Engagement

Skills & Expertise

Scientific Computing

Physics simulations, data analysis & visualization, Python, C++


JavaScript, React/Gatsby, Next.JS, Node.JS tooling, CSS-in-JS, HTML/CSS, SCSS, Jekyll, Liquid


JavaScript, Python, Django, Express.JS, GraphQL, PostgreSQL


Git, Visual Studio Code, Jupyter, SLURM, Figma, Bash, Zsh

Soft Skills

Verbal & written communications, problem solving, tenacity, team-oriented


Project Management

Experience managing construction projects, coordinating material procurement and trade labor

Problem Solving

Calm enjoyment in dividing a problem into its individual parts and finding optimal solutions

Personal Skills

Empathetic and perceptive to those around me